is an new initiative by Vincent Boschma.

NIEUW DAKOTA and oh Hey! organize NIEUW DAKOTA by NIGHT, a night which showcases art, performances, live-music and dee-jays.

NIEUW DAKOTA is a platform for contemporary art on the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North and programs exhibitions, organize special events and realize temporary projects in public space.

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b   Amsterdam NDSM

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Friday April 10th | THE SOUND OF FURY


Donation: 5euro | all goes straight to the performers | Doors open from 8pm!


Saturday November 23rd | ALIEN REALISM

Alien Realism is an installation by Marc Oosting comprised of sculptures, paintings and lots of neon. Question concerning cultural production, authenticity and otherness lie at the core of Alien Realism.

And proudly presents a performance by Spillgold.

Electronic, psychedelic pop band Spill Gold urge you to lose yourself in dreams and pour out the best you’ve got, streaming and unrestrained. The Amsterdam-based duo conjure up vivid, spiraling stories with eerie, persistent songs, and is currently writing their debut album around the theme of trance-like states. Rosa Ronsdorf (Vocals, Keys) Nina de Jong (Drums, Percussions)

And a performance by Splitter Splatter

Splitter Splatter is an experimental fantasy pop act inspired by the flow of nature, ritual chants and unconventional techniques in pop song craft, taking you into a magical journey of sounds.

DJ set with CHAJES ! ++ Job Chajes / Amsterdam Klezmer Band  ++

Baba Sacha behind the bar to bless our spirits.

Donation: 5euro | all goes straight to the performers | Doors open from 8pm!

Friday July 19th | NIEUW DAKOTA and Oh Hey! presents Paper Spirits / Soil Mates

with DiDi Lehnhausen & Suzanne BERNHARDT

A collection of works made from soil and paper in-between Surinam, Indonesia and the Netherlands. You are invited to cross rivers and forests, guided by paper spirits and soil mates into an archive of otherwise. Suzanne will stage Liquid Border, a performance with soap!

Lucifora, Rosaly and Lumley are an adventurous trio of Amsterdam-based musicians who mix trance music with spiritual jazz and free improvisation. Featuring members of the Zebra Street Band and Jaap Blonk's Retirement Overdue, Lucifora, Rosaly and Lumley lay down deep grooves while taking the music way out. Salvoandrea Lucifora - trombone | Aaron Lumley - double bass | Frank Rosaly - drums

a performance by Roberta Petzoldt

As a poet Roberta made her debut at van Oorschot in January 2019 with 'Vruchtwatervuurlinie'. Distinguished with the best debut of the year 'C. Buddingh Prize'. The solo performance Failure Notice Herrijzenis is based on an image poem that can be found in the middle of her collection.

+ DJ set with SOCRATES combining Arab Bass, Afro Tek, Electropika, Chicha, Desert Dub, a splash of psychedelia and a generous shot of sunshine into an irresistable springtime blend.

Baba Sacha behind the bar to bless our spirits!

Donation: 5euro | all goes straight to the performers | Doors open from 8pm!