Just before the Midnight Limit, 2020

The +12 time zone (midnight) is also called the International Date Line, which moves the current date from one to the next. This imaginary navigation line runs from the north pole to the south pole, roughly following the 180° line of longitude but deviating to pass around some territories and island groups through the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The ‘international date line’ is the front line where the date passes from one day to the next. West of the international date line is the 'new' day and east is the 'old' day. During the orbit across the earth, the date line 'pushes' the old day in front of it, as it were, and 'drags' the new day behind it. At the moment that it is midnight on the international date line, the entire earth is in the same day (date). After that, on the west side of the date line, the next day begins again and so this cycle is repeated every 24 hours. 


In this new web coding work, time seems to be standing still at midnight. Just before the midnight limit will be exceeded, the clock will turn back to the previous time zone.

Its corresponding places, names and coordinates suggest a journey through unknown areas and remote parts of the world. With this kept in mind, you are constantly moving around the earth, crossing land, oceans and continents, borders, languages and cultures, deserts, forests and animals, mountains, industries and cities. Where people travel and live in peace and prosperity or live in conflict or war and migrate.

Web format: today is an increasingly digital, hyper-connected world, where technology simultaneously frees up our time and distracts us to no end. Are we wasting our time glued to our computer screens? The work can be seen as a meditation on the nature of time and on ways of representing its fleeting nature and may invite us to reflect on how we spend the hours, days, and years of our lives.

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Coding and website: Bas Kok