ART BAR KIPPY is a bar initiated by Arthur Stokvis, Vincent Boschma and Bonno van Doorn.

ART BAR KIPPY was hosted by The Gemma at Althuis Hofland Fine Arts from September 2019 - January 2020

Hazenstraat 11 1016 SM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

ART BAR KIPPY is now hosted by NDSM TREEHOUSE from February 2020 on

TT. Neveritaweg 57 1033 WB Amsterdam NDSM

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Friday March 6th | Rothko’s Motorcycle Barn by WOUTER KLEIN VELDERMAN

What’s the rhythm of Rothko? Can we dance on Red, white and brown? Will the yellowish white make us clap our hands? Or do we rather lay down in the straw and listen? Drum wizard Nina de Jong and PVC whisperer Wouter Klein Velderman will take you to another place and another time: Rothko’s Motorcycle Barn, a place where all colours have their own sound, rhythm and pace.

Nina de Jong is drummer of the band Spill Gold, a psychedelic band that unwinds vivid, spiralling stories with their eerie yet persistent songs, bringing listeners into a trance-like state. Next to music she creates big sculptural costumes and initiates projects in neighbourhoods in which habitants connect by making their own instruments, costumes and play music together, mostly ending up in a parade.

Wouter Klein Velderman uses PVC fabric as a material to sculpt and to draw. Within his professional practice, Klein Velderman has his sculptures accompanied by dance, performance, dialogue, a lecture or written text. Teaching at art academies, the Academy for Theater and Dance and giving workshops to people who are a bit further away from the art world very much contributes to the creation of his sculptures within the artistic research.

*** KIPPY KØLSCH*** on draft! brewed by KRUX

Friday February 14th | KIPPY VALENTINO

with love and affection KiPPY invites you to

and proudly presents GDVRDGDVR

Minimalist post-post-punk-garage-wave-duo from Amsterdam for the good listener with their heart on all the right places; on the sleeve, on the tongue and – of course - in the chest. Bass, drums, vocals and a distortion pedal. Light-footed themes in a heavy jacket, stubborn melodies packed in one and a half minute songs. So pay close attention. |


Xango Ensemble performs playful irresistible grooves from unknown streets .. by setting sun at 9pm. Led by Salvoandrea Lucifora.

RANK ASSISTANT is an Amsterdam based performer. His work is self-described as exciting, painful and romantic. Stories of triumph and woe laid over lush, ethereal and hard hitting electronic compositions. He loves to engage his audience and is part-time bird-watcher.

In the shadow of the Brexit and the passing of his relationship with his English ex-fiancé, Juliaan Andeweg sings British pop from the early 60's on Valentine's Day with songs from Billy Fury.

Blöd Heinie DJ from south NL cold hell. Formerly known as Bruni Getsing or Sjang Kabang. Here I show you styles that are credited with the "... style” x the four costoas, and not a single explanatory sound."
Who waits for a long time, but there is cooking lotus. Hornig and ready for a lovedove set uptempo for dancing.
new mix for weekdays: //

and let us toast on our new KiPPY with a KiPPY beer !

TT. Neveritaweg 57
1033 WB Amsterdam


Saturday January 11th | SPLITTER SPLATTER

Splitter Splatter is a multidisciplinary artist based between Amsterdam and the Veluwe nature reserve. She is often inspired by nature and works with symbolic, surrealist shapes and totems that reference rituals, the subconscious and the absurd. In a playful and intuitive way, she creates costumes, music, videos, set designs, ceramics, and wall hangers to build her colorful worlds.

Saturday December 21st | La Santeria de Sonora

Mercado de Sonora is a witch market in CDMX / Mexico City. For Kippy, Laila will open a shop for the spiritual, sensual en secular. A place where Jesus and naked women can go hand in hand.

Within her practice, Laila plays in a field of belief and desire, wanders where the sacral and secular meet. Wherein symbols and narratives are embodied by idols and icons, shaped by locality and cliches. Myth is created by commercial culture and in the religious realm. On the side you will be served a little Perreo-party mix and some Mexican mescal |

Friday December 13th | THE CREEPER

Alban Karsten and Kitty Maria show an installation binding their two recent films together in the crawl space of Art Bar Kippy. Both films investigate different methods of disaster retardation, and are shown welded together in a metal piece on chain. Their choice for metal alludes to the underground bar's feeling like a retreat for miners. The miner that is seen by Novalis as an astrologer in reverse, who plunges deep into the earth to uncover hidden origins.

Alban Karsten is a sculptor and performance artist who explores the potential roles of the artist and his audience. His works are inquiries into the codes of labor and show, in which he usually assigns himself a task, duty or job.

Kitty Maria videos and performances form an ongoing investigation into the automated production site and the new laborer. In her work she often temporarily befriends companies or shop to intervene in the places of labor or to submit to the production process herself. |

Saturday December 7th | MIND YOUR STEP

Jim Mooijekind works from themes he finds hard to grasp. Abstract concepts like his emotions, psychology, art as whole & his position within the arts. He symbolizes these abstract observations in a figurative cartoonesk manner. In this realm of symbolism there is a place being created where The Epic and mundane can co-exist. In the Stroboscope Paintings Mooijekind portrays the constant shifting between juxtapositions. Yin and Yang, black and white, Light and Darkness & boredom and fear.

The fast phase wherein these Profiles change result in a hypnotic rhythm. A rhythm we all dance to.

Saturday November 30th | #greenscreengreentrees

#greenscreengreentrees is a groupshow of Martin Hoener, Hannah Rath, Verena Schöttmer and Tillmann Terbuyken. For the Kippy-Art-Bar they will develop a special interactive sitespecific installation. The artist-quartet, living and working in Berlin and Hamburg, wants to explore the green frozen fields of human desire. - - -

Friday November 22nd | Ursula & Armageddon by Frederique Jonker and Danielle Hoogendoorn

Danielle and Frederique created 'Sunday sessions' in their studios to go freestyle. During these sessions there is no pressure to make 'good' work. Often the best things arise there. The work of both is not at all similar, but similar is their way of working. Impulsive and assertively, with found material. Now they take over Art Bar Kippy!

ig: hoogendoorndanielle - ig: frederiquejonker

Friday November 15th | A Neverending Love Story - Thinging about Things by Arash Fakhim

Shifting trough mediums and spaces trough objects and mazes

Fakhim’s praxis contains elements of painting yet
it is concerned with dialogues between the object, the subject
and their shifting relations. Inside his studio the works evolve around
processes and actions in which objects are made or put in operation
to produce images. These gestures of actions and their echoes of traces then
debouch in to works. Outside of the studio Fakhim copes with the world
by mimicking his surroundings. “By understanding the extentions
of our -selves, perhaps we can deeper understand our self” -Arash Fakhim.
These playfull video performances that started in 2015, survey as a reminder that
to understand the ball one must first become the ball.

please joine us for A Neverending Love Story - Thinging about Things - ig: goldenboybumaye

Saturday November 9th | Exoskeletons by Fraser Stewart

Fraser Stewart has been exploring aspects of finality. Potentiality in both objects and narratives. Experimenting with performativity and sculpture, materials and storytelling have merged. Objects and moments that corrode, erode or are being consumed.

Increasingly drawn to Products that lose their function and become obsolete, or have their ‘death’ imprinted within them. And of meaning and cultural references that may shift, transform or disappear altogether.

Fraser Stewart ( 1986, UK-NL)  was a resident at the Rijksakademie between 2013-2015.
Studied an MA in artistic research at The Dutch Art Institute (DAI) Arnhem.
Received a BA hons at Leeds Metropolitan School of contemporary Art.

in addition / also on view UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE by Marcel van den BERG

Friday November 1st | HIGH Floored basement grotto by Mike Moonen

Mike Moonen will turn Art Bar Kippy into the smallest theme park of NL. You are invited to stand on the high air filled floor ruled by an eggclock (5 min or on request at the bar) while enjoying a kippy beer in the cave sucked dry by bats. To top it all of laminated mutants will be shown all around the grotto walls.

in addition / also on view UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE by Marcel van den BERG

Friday October 25th | PERRY and The Hot Shots by Peer Vink

As a visual artist, Peer Vink (1990) works primarily in an installation form in which various media
such as painting, sculptures, performative actions and digital collages are presented as a Gesamtkunstwerk. The work is an expression of experiences and observations from daily life and our contemporary society. 

Peer Vink graduated from the AKV | St. Joost | Den Bosch in 2018. -

in addition / also on view UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE by Marcel van den BERG

Saturday October 19th | UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE by Marcel van den BERG

"Underground Resistance" is the title of a mural Marcel van den Berg made in Art Bar Kippy. The title refers to the techno collective from the Detroit scene of the 1990's. The industrial aggressive sound of "UR" has had a major influence on Van den Berg's work. The mural is a shout out to the sound of "UR" and to the underground and dissonant character of Art Bar Kippy.

Marcel van den Berg (Alphen aan de Rijn, 1978) studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and had a residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (2013/2014).

Friday October 18th | Pasquale Calo Quartet  | Salvoandrea Lucifora

Pasquale Calò  is currently on a world tour with his new quartet. This week the band will be in Amsterdam for two days where Salvoandrea Lucifora will join the group, joined by Alessandro Campobasso (ITA),  Rodrigo Girafa (BRA) and David Macchione (ITA).

Pasquale Calò Quartet + Salvoandrea Lucifora
Pasquale Calò - tenor sax
Rodrigo Girafa – electric guitar
David Macchione – doublebass
Alessandro Campobasso - drums
Salvoandrea Lucifora - trombone

performing from 17:00 till 19:00

+ a re-run of the work Sudden Fun by Meeus van Dis

Saturday October 12th | SUDDEN FUN by Meeus van Dis

‘Constructed the answer to my questions, failed to apply accordingly.’

How we perceive the principle; alternately stimulating the right and the left brain in a controlled environment (EMDR) has changed immensely in the last 20 years.

In 2014 I was offered the opportunity to undergo EMDR myself and found, not unexpectedly, an overlap within my fascination for dualism. A repetitive action and or the observation of this action (real-time or in retrospective) became the starting point for making work at Art Bar Kippy.

Drinking alcohol is an effective way to strengthen or soften the harsh dividing line dualism provides,
so please join me in consuming the specially brewed Kippenberger beer in Kippy.

Friday October 4th | ALLES FEIN, ALLES KLAR by Niko Riedinger

Niko Riedinger / Bier und Speck (2019) / 55x45cm / Oil, Chrome paint, Silicone on Canvas

In his own words: “Painting is like mental locomotion and physical talk. A primary, instinctive impulse. Dichotomic, heroic sages and a cut in stone, chubby descrial of my periphery. The wrung out water of a sponge. A predatory dead angle, like a fictitious space towards our know-how. Painting becomes virtually a paramilitary action. Being in trenches, carving through time and space. An energized phase transformation”

Niko Riedinger was born in Germany and lives in the Netherlands. He graduated with a BFA at AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch in 2017.

Friday september 20th | FOCUS by THIJS RIJNSBURGER

Next to the fresh and spazzy paintings by Thijs Rhijnsburger,
KIPPY will also serve its own brewed 'Kippy' beer.

Thijs Rhijnsburger (1979) composes his paintings using elements from the urban visual culture. His Paintings are created by combining different layers into landscape collages containing facets of architecture, street advertising and graffiti. In his paintings, Rhijnsburger uses different materials such as collage of textile and paper, aerosol spray paint and oil paint.

Thijs Rhijnsburger is also the initiator of art space De Apotheek in Amsterdam, co-founder of the art initiatives Horse Move Project Space and De Service Garage.
For more information:

Saturday September 7th | ART BAR KIPPY - the opening

ART BAR KIPPY is a bar in honor of artist Martin Kippenberger, initiated by artists Arthur Stokvis, Vincent Boschma and Bonno van Doorn, down in the cellar (The Gemma) at Althuis Hofland Fine Arts. Initiated because - to use their own words:  'The city of Amsterdam nowadays lacks a worthy art pub where artists, curators, gallerists, art lovers and friends can come together in an informal way while enjoying art and beer.' At the opening, all three will show new work.

The bar will serve its own brewed 'Kippy' beer, and will regularly organize exhibitions and events.

Sometimes in life you meet someone and it just clicks.

doors open

Also opening on September 7th at Althuis Hofland

Jan Pleitner
Could somebody please stop the time for a second?
until October 5th